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Review by Edward Scott Pearlman

Take the floor. It's what dancers do when the music starts up. It's also the name of the radio program that has brought the bounce and good cheer of Scottish dance music into Scottish homes every weekend for 30 years. Take the Floor and the energetic voice of its presenter, Robbie Shepherd, are a mainstay of Scottish culture.

Shepherd's enthusiasm for dance music is contagious, and many Scots have been introduced to the genre through his program. Jimmy Shand, Ian Powrie and Jim Johnstone are some of the icons of Scottish dance music from the 1950s and 1960s that can still be heard on the show. Their danceable accordion music, with a good swing to it, are the core of the program, but a variety of singers and contemporary musicians are also heard and interviewed. Shepherd considers himself an enthusiast for fiddle music as well, and has served as MC for performances of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra throughout the U.K.

The full text of this column is available in the Winter 2010 issue of Scottish Life Magazine.

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