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Scotland's Democracy Trail

by Stuart McHardy & Donald Smith.

Stuart McHardy and Donald Smith follow the progress of Scotland's political development by taking readers on a guided tour of Edinburgh, linking pivotal events from the 16th century onwards to landmarks, monuments and other locations along the way. From the cruelties of Henry Dundas, nicknamed the "Great Tyrant" for his heavy-handed control of Scottish politics in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, to the more recent Vigil for a Scottish Parliament from 1992 to 1997 and the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence, this book will show you the democratic and historic significance of the places, people and ideas on the route. A comprehensive timeline, detailed map and photographs throughout make it easy to follow the engaging trail of Scottish democracy.

The Cairngorms: A Secret History

by Patrick Baker.

Patrick Baker has walked and climbed throughout Scotland and Europe, and in this new paperback, he takes readers on a journey through the Cairngorms, a fearsome Scottish mountain range that dominates the central-eastern Highlands. As he hikes through this bleak landscape, he searches for a long-forgotten climbing shelter, an ancient gem mine, a mysterious 19th-century aristocratic settlement, haunted summits and other landmarks, weaving compelling strands of narrative into vivid descriptions of the land.

The Story of Sandy Bells: Edinburgh's World Famous Folk Bar

by Gillian Ferguson.

Sandy Bells, an assuming little bar in central Edinburgh, is world famous for its folk music, and many famous folk musicians have honed their performances in the pub. This illustrated history reveals how the bar rose from obscurity to become world famous. Who was Sandy Bell? What musicians from the bar became internationally famous? Why is it still in the top five sites recommended in Edinburgh? What is the allure to Sandy Bells that famous poets, artist, writers and musicians have immortalized it in their craft? This history answers all the questions and more and is essential reading for lovers of folk music and Edinburgh history.


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