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The Saint Andrew's Way: The Modern Restoration of a Medieval Pilgrimage Walk from Central Edinburgh Across the Forth Road Bridge to St. Andrews

by Cameron Black

Scotland's increasingly popular pilgrimage walking routes are written about in Scottish Life's Spring 2016 issue. "In The Footsteps Of Saints" by Jim Gilchrist examines the revival of interest in these ancient pilgrimage routes, including The Saint Andrew's Way, one of the great pilgrimages of the world. Cameron Black's The Saint Andrew's Way: The Modern Restoration of a Medieval Pilgrimage Walk from Central Edinburgh Across the Forth Road Bridge to St. Andrews is an ideal companion for the journey.

Pilgrim Guide to Scotland

by Donald Smith

A comprehensive introduction to Scotland's major pilgrim routes, this guide covers every region of the country and offers inclusive, simple devotional directions related to each journey. The Pilgrim Guide to Scotland is both evocative and inspirational, following each pilgrim trail as a story and as an experience. This is accompanied by simple route and geographical information for walking and traveling in a variety of ways. For those who prefer to explore from the convenience of their armchairs, there is an abundance of engaging stories and information. A fascinating and unique way of exploring Scotland's spiritual and cultural heritage.


by Alan Grant, Illustrated by Cam Kennedy

Robert Lewis Stevenson's classic adventure has been adapted as a stunning graphic novel by artist Cam Kennedy and writer Alan Grant. Expertly distilled to its bare essentials, this modern retelling of a rip-roaring adventure fits perfectly into the visual storytelling medium. David Balfour, a 17-year-old desperate to secure his inheritance, sets out to find his uncle -- only to be kidnapped and sold into a life of slavery. He meets the fugitive and masterful swordsman Alan Breck Stewart on the brig Covenant just before they are shipwrecked off the coast of Scotland. After witnessing the murder of Colin Campbell (the notorious "Red Fox"), David makes a dramatic and extraordinary flight for his life across Scotland before he can claim his rightful inheritance.

The Kerracher Man

by Eric MacLeod

Fired by the challenge of an adventure like no other, Eric MacLeod gives up a promising career in London as an accountant and moves to an abandoned crofthouse on the remote shores of Loch Cairnbawn in the West Highlands with his wife and their two young daughters. He plans to renovate the croft and make a living from the land, but in this last wilderness in Scotland, nothing comes easily. "Who has adventures like us?" Eric asks as he describes his 17 years at Kerracher, a rich life that includes the wild creatures of moor and shore, accommodation with the unpredictable sea and the friendship of many great characters, some of them fellow crofters, some escapees from the House of Lords.

This is Scotland: A Country in Words and Pictures

by Daniel Gray and Alan McCredie

A Scotsman and an Englishman, armed with a camera (Alan McCredie) and a notebook (Daniel Gray), set out to capture everyday Scotland as it prepares to vote on Scottish Independence in 2014. The result is not a shortbread-tin image of the nation, but a Scotland of flaking pub signs and smoking fags outside the bingo hall, of Italian cafés and football grounds, of craggy farmers and disinterested sheep. Stunning images are coupled with lyrical prose in a highly original Caledonian love letter.

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