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Going to the Hill

by Glyn Satterley

Internationally acclaimed photographer Glyn Satterley has created an engaging photo journal of life on today's sporting estates -- a landscape peopled by owners, gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies, guests and assorted staff, dogs and ponies. The book takes the reader on memorable days spent stalking, fishing and shooting in all kinds of trialing...the behind-the-scenes work of managing the landscape...and the social traditions. Complementing Satterley's remarkable black and white photographs are extended captions that add an insightful and often humorous commentary. Going to the Hill is "oozing with drama and spectacular landscapes," said one reviewer.

A Swedish Trip To The Outer Hebrides, 1934

compiled and edited by Alexander Fenton with Mark A. Mulhern

In 1934, Sven T. Kjellberg, Director of Sweden's Goteborgs Historiska Museum, and his assistant, Olof Hasslof, toured the Outer Hebrides, mainly on bicycles. Throughout their stay, the pair visited the homes of ordinary people, making drawings, taking photographs and discussing with those who spoke English their way of life, their domestic arrangements and how they made a living. "We were invited into the kitchen, where we sat on a wooden bench under the window. Already at the door the close, peat-smelling warmth had met us and inside the kitchen it was very warm from the almost red-glowing stove where peat burned," the diarists wrote. And now, after being all but forgotten for more than three decades, the diary and photos have been rescued by Professor Alexander Fenton who has presented 21st-century readers with a wonderful illustration of a life that has virtually disappeared.

Scotland's Ghastly Ghosts

edited by Charles Sinclair

A new series of three paperbacks reveal Caledonia's most engaging witches, ghosts and blood-dripping ballads. Some of the spirits Charles Sinclair conjures are classically evil and some are tragic...others are belligerent or tormented...and still others are quite talented musicians. And in addition to recounting the compelling stories of Scotland's Ghastly Ghosts, Sinclair also offers helpful pointers on where best to experience a spectral encounter. Scotland's Wicked Witches offers compendium of the most notorious and tragic witchcraft cases in Scotland, while Scotland's Bloody Ballads offers a carefully chosen selection of Scotland's most engrossing and tragic old ballads.

Women of Moray

edited by Susan Bennet, Mary Byatt, Jenny Main, Anne Oliver and Janet Trythall

A collection of some 70 small biographies, this hefty paperback is a treasure-trove of information and enlightenment, introducing us to an eclectic gallery of women, some famous and some not, whose remarkable lives have not received the recognition they deserve, from World War II spymaster Margaret Hasluck and Isobel Gowdie, the most famous witch in Europe, to Ethel Baxter, founder of the renowned Baxters of Speyside food empire.


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