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Scotch Whisky by John Lamond

This column has amazing foresight.

The featured whisky bar in the Spring 2015 issue was the Dornoch Castle Hotel. In November of last year, it won the Scottish Licensed Trade News (SLTN) Whisky Bar of the Year Award for the second time and now the two brothers behind the success of the bar, Philip and Simon Thompson, are moving forward their plans to establish a whisky distillery in the adjoining building, which previously had been the local fire station.

Their plans are to fund it, without bank debt or equity shareholders, through an imaginative crowdfunding exercise and their ambitious aim is to be in production during the summer of this year. Equipment, including direct-fired stills, washbacks and a mash tun, are ordered and due to be delivered imminently as I write. The building warrant (in Scotland's planning regulations, this is permission to begin building, which is applied for after planning permission is granted) has been received and thus the construction development can start immediately.

Small -- very small -- quantities of barrels will be available to the crowdfunders, as will experimental samples of each batch of their gin. The recipients of these experimental samples will form the distillery's tasting panel, which will determine the character of Dornoch's gin.

The full text of this article is available in the Summer 2016 issue of Scottish Life.

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