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Scotch Whisky by John Lamond

Douglas Laing & Co. is a long-established Glasgow whisky broker's business. It has recently seen some boardroom upheaval and has countered this disturbance by introducing a new range of whiskies under the "Old Particular" label.

Managing Director Fred Laing and the company's Global Malt Ambassador, Jan Beckers, have selected a number of individual malts from all over Scotland to be offered as single cask bottlings. After considerable tastings (hard work, this!) and much discussion, it was decided that Old Particular will be bottled at three different alcoholic strengths. Some rarities will be bottled at cask strength, while those under 18 years old will be bottled at 48.4% abv (alcohol by volume) and those in excess of 19 years old will be bottled at 51.5% abv.

Jan said, "We believe that the lower strength of 48.4% allows the younger, more feisty, whiskies to soften out some of their 'hotter' characteristics. The older malts have already had the effect of the Angel's Share [what evaporates out of barrels over time] to mollify some of these hot spots and we believe that at 51.5% strength, we achieve exactly the quality we want."

Fred believes that their selection will mean that drinkers around the world will get as close as possible to that rarest of pleasures: "sampling a dram straight from its cask in the hallowed surroundings of a distillery warehouse."

The full text of this article is available in the Winter 2013 issue of Scottish Life.

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